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I am so grateful to Dave for persevering and putting down a new floor in our master bathroom.  We bought our house 15 years ago.  For some reason (warm feet? cheaper? easier?) there was carpet in both bathrooms that should have been replaced when we moved in.  Dave is a reluctant do it your-selfer.  He really really hesitates when he hasn’t done something before, despite numerous instructional youtube videos and substantial internet research,  But he did it!  In honor of Dave I give you our new bathroom floor:

2014 Nov.Dec 053

He was so burned out from the experience that he vowed to never do it again.  But, after a week had passed he began to talk about getting enough additional flooring to do our second bathroom.  What a trooper!!

We did get more flooring.  But, alas, the ball is in  my court.  I decided before the new floor went down the hideous wallpaper had to be stripped and the walls redone.  My turn.  Because the wallpaper is glued directly to the wallboard and is a painstaking task to remove, well beyond Dave;s patience.  Who puts wallpaper directly onto wallboard anyway like it’s supposed to last forever and not be a terribly tedious job to remove??

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