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Raised Beds

This is one of the raised beds we have in the back yard. Image  We have very poor soil with hard pan about a foot down.  The raised beds have been great.  We have been able to put good soil in them.  They are not super big so it’s easy to get to things in the middle.  We also have a HUGE problem with slugs and snails.  The raised beds give me much better control over those pests by putting Sluggo and eggshells around the periphery and putting 6 inch wide pieces of wood about 10-12 inches long on the surface of the bed.  Any slugs that make it past the periphery (few) take shelter under the boards and are easily eradicated.  This year I am going to grow marigolds, calendulas and amaranth in one of the beds and harvest them to brew up natural dye baths for some of my homespun yarn.  Have not done that before so I am really excited.


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