Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me.  My Dad died in 1983.  At the time my mother lived in New England in the family home.  After a year of living in a retirement community there, my mother visited California and decided to move cross country.  Mind you she was 76 years old at the time and had lived in the same neighborhood all of her life.  She had flown on a plane twice.  Needless to say I was aghast at her decision!

To make a long story short she moved to California and lived nearby for the last 5 years of her life.  She often said that she felt like she was living a dream and never thought she would live in such a beautiful place.

My Mom died in 1989.  That is so long ago but so many memories of her seem so fresh.  For me Mother’s Day is a day of remembrance.  And a day of thanks for the loving care she gave me for so many years.

Yesterday I remembered her spirit, her home cooking, her zest for life, her love of helping people.  And as I dressed my loom and knitted and sewed and cooked I once again was thankful for her legacy.  She was my biggest fan and I will miss her always.


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  1. my mum also passed away many years ago, but at times it is still hard to come to terms with that. Memories of them will stay with us, as long as we breath
    we don’t know each other, but I send a virtual hug over the internet, hope you don’t mind

    • Appreciate the hug and sending one back. Good to have someone reply that understands. My Mom had me when she was 40 years old and my Dad was 48. So even though they both lived into early 80s I lost years with them. I think of that often with women waiting until late in life to have children. I only got to know one grandparent and she died when I was 11. I tell myself it was not quantity but quality but still……

      • think that you had great parents, which is not always a common thing – many unfortunately don’t. Mine died relatively young, so I missed many years to come together.. my last grandparent passed away recently, it was a true shock, the end of a life cycle…. saddening, still trying to get over, after all it’s just in the nature of life, all to be transient

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