Mohair Journey

I am on a prolonged mohair journey.  It started over 2 years ago.  A friend gave me 2 black trash bags of raw mohair.


In the photo it doesn’t look too bad.  In person you would see many many places where the fleece is very knotted and matted and also has a lot of grease despite washing.  However the staple length of the locks is an incredible 8-10 inches at its longest.

Being the novice fiber artist that I am,  I washed the fiber last summer and proceeded to card it on my drum carder.  Not good.  The locks are so long that they got hopelessly enmeshed around the feeder drum and the carding drum.  I had to resort to cutting the batt off the carder to remove it.

After consulting with a local veteran spinner I decided to have a go at just spinning the locks.


That process is still a challenge due not only to the matting but also to small bits of vegetable matter that suddenly appear out of nowhere as I tease and comb the locks. I can only work on this fiber in small increments because it is hard on the hands.  But I finally have a rationale for having 2 spinning wheels!  These locks will take me a very long time to spin if I can persevere.  So far it makes life interesting going from the spinning of merino top on one wheel to raw mohair locks on the other wheel.  The resulting yarn is very rough and has a lot of ‘character’.


In my mind’s eye it will make a fine rug someday maybe dyed with a natural dye bath of marigolds and calendulas that I have growing in my garden.  Ah, we fiber enthusiasts can dream!


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  1. is it rough in the look (as in uneven) or at the touch? it looks rather airy and soft from the pic… i like it and the idea to dye it with natural marigold 🙂

    • It is rough in both ways. It is thick and thin and it also has those little mohair hairs poking out. Looks are deceiving. I have always been very sensitive to the scratchiness in wool to the point that I have to use merino for my outer garments and could never wear it against my skin. And forget even fine softer mohair. So a rug it will be!!! Thanks for confirming the marigold!

  2. oh, I see… yes, appearance is deceiving here 🙂 well, a nice object for your house will still be a good use of it! looking forward to seeing it

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